Camberwell Fresh Food Market

With the days starting to get longer, and the weather warmer, Spring has sprung at Camberwell Fresh Food Market!

Spring is the season for special events and entertaining. There's the Football Finals, Spring Racing Carnival, Melbourne Cup and not to mention it's the major season for weddings. That means it's time for functions and there's no better place for all your catering needs than Camberwell Fresh Food Market.

Fire up the BBQ with fantastic market meats. Throw a salad together with the freshest fruit and vegetables from our quality greengrocers, and why not brighten the place up with beautiful and fresh spring flowers?

Don't forget to come down to our next Family Fun Day on Saturday October 22 - these days are fun for all with food tastings, music and entertainment!

Market Day October 22

Camberwell Fresh Food Market is the Centre where you'll find organic fruit and veg, an extensive range of fresh fish, meat and poultry, and the most beautiful flowers. Camberwell Fresh Food Market has many gourmet products that cannot be sourced elsewhere, great delis, cafes, cakes, as well as shoe repairs.

So what are you waiting for? Come and shop at the Camberwell Fresh Food Market today and feel the difference. Market open from 7am every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Camberwell Fresh Food Market... it's fresh and more.


Camberwell Fresh Food Market